About Us


We are wave chasers, always on the hunt for the best swell.

We’re about #tacovibesonly— where there are good tacos, there’s a good time.

We believe the best things in life are simple, and can all be found at the beach: salty air, moon pulled waves, white sand, and the best memories. Our tacos and recipes respect the process. Fresh ingredients first, plus technique and time. That’s how you create a memorable taco.

Lay back with agua frescas made fresh daily or maybe an ice cold beer, and then end sweet with a hot churro con chocolate.

At our core, Azulé Taqueria serves fresh beach vibes.

Go ahead, feed your free spirit.




Azulé Taqueria is a concept BY K2 Restaurants.

We blend the whimsical, the curious, and the obsessive to incubate and operate restaurants that make us proud.

We draft a new chapter with each unique concept, telling the tales of the chef, the city and the inspiration that align to create unforgettable moments.